Music On Hold

Music On Hold Services and On Hold Marketing

Wins For Callers

On-hold marketing can really help both the business and the caller.  First off, it gives callers useful info as they wait – like current deals, product features, service perks or frequently asked questions.  This way, they can make smarter choices when talking to the rep.  Plus, interesting stuff like fun facts, trivia or industry insights keeps callers entertained and engaged while they’re on hold.  It also makes the business seem more professional and focused on customer experience.  Callers will see them as reliable and customer-friendly.  Long waits can be so annoying, but good on-hold content makes it more bearable.  Callers might learn about other products or services that go well with their original question, so they might be interested in buying more.  If common questions get answered during the wait, the rest of the call can be more efficient and focused too.  The key is finding the right mix of helpful info promotional stuff, and ways to keep callers engaged.  Businesses should customize it to fit their goals and what callers want and  used right, on-hold marketing helps both sides.

Wins for Businesses (the easy bit):

Using on-hold time for marketing gives companies a chance to share key details about their stuff, services, promos, and brand values with callers and this is an opportunity to reinforce their brand identity and get more potential customers familiar with it.

Businesses can take the opportunity while callers are on hold to tell them about other products or services they offer that the caller might not know about.  This cross-promotion can lead to more sales and a broader customer base.

Companies can use the on-hold time to teach callers about complicated products services, or industry topics.  Educated customers are more likely to make informed buying choices and become loyal clients.

Sharing success stories, customer testimonials, or industry kudos during hold periods can improve a business’s credibility and reputation making callers feel more trust.

When callers hear interesting stuff while waiting, it can significantly reduce how long the wait feels.  This can lead to a more positive customer experience.

On-hold marketing can motivate callers to take action, like signing up for newsletters, asking for more info or even buying something.  This can create leads and potential sales opportunities.

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What we offer

  • Professional voiceovers
  • Affordable service
  • One-off recording fee
  • No on-going contract
  • Quick turnaround
  • Audio in all file formats
  • Over 30 languages available

Don’t need On Hold Messages? What about your IVR or Auto-Attendent?
Our Productions are used for:

  • Booking lines messages
  • Call centre call queuing messages
  • Automated bill payment instructions
  • Support & help desk messages
  • Competition phone line instructions

Auto Attendant Messages

Have you had the same voice answering your calls for years? it doesn’t create a good impression.
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Out of Hours Messages and Night Service Messages

You need to be giving out useful information, such as opening hours, website and email addresses, directions, and most importantly of all, prompting callers to leave a message. You could be missing out on business!