Non Geographic Numbers

Basic Number Translation Service (NTS)

This is a mapping service from non-geographic numbers to landlines or mobiles numbers, with no additional features except optional call recording. An NTS can be free for the customer to use (if the cost of calling the destination is cheaper than the revenue earned from the inbound part of the call).

Fax To Email Service

This service allows clients to receive faxes from our non-geographic numbers. The fax is then delivered to the client as an email attachment to a predetermined email address. The service also saves copies of the faxes on our server for you to access, download or print later.

Conference Room Service

This service enables clients to easily set up voice conference services without the need for expensive equipment. Clients can now dial non-geographic numbers into an existing conference which is great news for mobile phone users whose signal keeps dropping out.

Configurable Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Build any combination of services using menus, message, voice mailboxes, outbound call routing and other node types. This service forms the basis of all Virtual Call Centers and Virtual Mobile Credit Card Terminals. M-commerce at a price you can afford.

Changeable Message Playing Service

This service plays a simple message to the caller when they have called non-geographic numbers. The customer can change the message by calling the number, pressing the # (hash) key, entering their PIN when prompted and then following the instructions.  This type of service is suitable for high-volume use, such as sports tips or response to television advertising. It can also be used for general information services, such as to provide a recorded message with directions and opening times. You can extend the configuration as required in the future. The PIN used is the customer’s account PIN. A standard message prompting the caller to press hash is put in as a default message.

GOTO Service

This is a simple service that sends the caller to some part of one of your other services or configurations. For example, if you have a bespoke IVR with menus where the caller can choose to speak to the sales department, accounts department and other options, you might wish to set up a new sales number with a GOTO service that takes the caller straight to the sales department’s section of that IVR. Note: If all you want to do is add another number to the start of an existing service, you can do this directly in the “Service Details” section.

Virtual Credit Card Terminal

This service enables our clients to collect money via our virtual credit card payment system. Funds can be collected using a simple web login page or by using our dial-up service from a pre-designated number. Great for clients collecting money owed in the field.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever wondered what your customers really think of you? With our CSS product, we can set up and manage a simple but effective dial in question and answer session with real-time reporting enabling you to see how well your business is doing. These services normally have between 5 and 10 questions that are answered 1 to 5 (1 being excellent and 5 being bad).

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