Wireless Lease Lines

If your business is unable to get a high-speed reliable internet connection due to its location, this can have a huge impact on a growing company. Some businesses relocate offices to more rural locations can save money only to find they have limited or no internet connectivity.

In many cases, traditional ISPs just can’t provide high-speed reliable connections because the existing BT infrastructure can’t support it due to distance or ageing copper and the costs of laying new cable is too expensive. For companies, within the reach of a hard-liners network, the cost of a high-speed symmetrical connectivity may limit the way your company uses the net and does business online.

So are Wireless Leased Lines the solution?

ETS Networks independent status means we can bring to you a unique type of ISP that provides its connections by a different method to the traditional way. We are able to provide high speed Leased Lines connections by using exceptionally secure wireless technology. Connection speeds range from 5mb to 1GB but you can have any shape and size you want.

Upon connection to one of our partners networks your data is routed across a vast radio backbone to a public internet peering point to join the rest of the world. With an average <10ms latency on our partners networks, we offer solutions that are suitable for any high performance or delay sensitive application such as voice over IP, SIP lines and video conferencing.

We are completely independent from BT or any other cable based company, and as such are in a unique position to be able to provide solutions to companies that require total redundancy.

Many companies will get a couple of lines installed from different ISP’s but do not realise that regularly both connections will use the same route to the same telephone exchange which in turn can create a variety of single points of failure. On many occasions, men digging up the roads will cut through and disable telephone cables but this cannot happen with our method as it is impossible to cut through air!

As ever Essex Telephone Systems prides itself on the high level of service it gives to each and every client however big or small. In all areas of our company, our service, products and prices we always aim to exceed all of your expectations.

Prices from £280 per month. Call for a quote.

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